Smokin’ It

My love for smokey eyes has already been well documented only a few posts in on Beauty Glossiping.  And it will likely continue to be for as long as I am capable of blending!  What I love about a smokey eye is the versatility available in both technique and colours that can totally transform how each smokey eye looks.


While I usually opt for  neutral colours, I love the impact a black and silver smokey eye brings.  It really pops on brown eyes and creates a very sultry look.  When using cool tones on the eyelid, a warm transition shade is key to tying the look together.


How I created this look…

Step 1: Brow Bone Highlight + Transition

Start with an eyeshadow primer (I used MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot + my finger) and set it with a translucent powder.  Then apply a brow bone highlight to frame the eye (Benefit High Brow + white eyeshadow to set).  Using a warm-toned shade approximately 1-2 shades darker than your natural skin tone (bronzer works very well for this – I used NYX Matte Brozner “Light” + MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush), blend into the crease bringing it to meet where the highlight shade finishes.

Step 2: Roughly Apply Gel Liner

Taking a black gel eyeliner (L’Oreal Paris Super Gel Eyeliner + Sigma E05 Eyeliner Brush), draw a semi-thick line right on the upper lash line.  It is important to use gel or an kohl pencil as this will be blended out and gel has the perfect amount of give to allow this before it sets.

Step 3: Extend Gel Liner To A Wing

Following the shape of your lower lashline, drag the eyeliner out to create a wing shape.  This does not need to be sharp or perfect, just a shape that compliments your eye shape.  I have fairly hooded eyes so need bring it out fairly straight from the lower lashline.

Step 6: Blend Out With Black

Using a matte black eyeshadow (Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette using the shade “Crave” + MAC 219 Pencil Brush), apply shadow to the liner and then slowly blend it inwards and upwards, following the direction of the liner you have drawn.  This is the most important step of the look, so take your time and continually add small amounts then blend.  Use a MAC 217 Blending Brush as this blends out further to soften the edges.

Step 7: Apply Grey Shimmer Shadow Over Lid

Using a cool town grey shimmer (Revlon Colour Stay Eyeshadow Quad in “Sterling Rose” – second shade from the left), gently dab this shade on the middle of the lid (using a MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush).  As you pat it on near the black shadow, swap between your pencil brush (no additional shadow is needed) to blend the two colours into each other.  Bring it all the way into the inner lid.

Step 8: Blend Out Crease

Using a cool town brown (Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette “Faint” – second from right), use the same MAC 217 to very gently blend the shimmery grey and black shadows into the crease.  Have your transition shade handy and blend out the edges using this.

Step 9: Smudge Gel Liner Into Lower Lashline

Go back to your gel liner and smudge this into the lower lashline.  Blend it does as far as you are comfortable with your pencil brush.

Step 10: Blend Out Lower Lashline

Taking the same “Faint” shade on a 217, further blend out the black.  Be sure to connect this to the crease colours so it looks seamless while keeping the wing shape in tact.

Step 11: Add Mascara and Lashes (Optional)

My favourite part!  Add mascara and lashes (Model Rock “Trend De Fab”) to complete the look.


Things I put on my face…




While I normally tend towards a peachy nude lip, I felt like a more mauve-toned lip complimented the cooler shades on my eyes.


I am really pleased with how this makeup looked.  It is intense, but because it is confined mostly to the eyelid and is not blended up high in the crease, which I think makes it more wearable.

I hope you enjoyed x


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