Review: Gerard Cosmetics

I have a thing for nudes.  I am not going to deny it, nor am I going to refrain from purchasing every shade of nude lipstick there ever was.

Gerard Cosmetics (which is the cosmetics arm that sprung from the company “Whitening Lightening“) is a relatively new player in the cosmetics playground.  After the success of the cult “Brow Bar To Go” and “Color Your Smile” lipglosses, Gerard Cosmetics was born and has grown into a cosmetics only focused line.

For a long time I have seen glowing reviews about the Gerard Cosmetics lip products, so I had been planning to dip my toe in the water for some time… And then I saw their stunning Star Powders hit the market, so I decided it was time to dive in head first.


I opted for just about every nude shade own across the lip range; I was particularly intrigued by the new hydra-matte liquid lipstick range which claims to be “opaque and matte with a comfortable burst of moisture”.

I ordered from Beauty Bay who had a buy one get the second 50% off sale.  So I practically made money!  Throw in some free shipping and that makes for one ecstatic makeup addict!

L-R: Star Powder “Marilyn” // Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipstick “Aphrodite” // Lipgloss “Nude” // Lipstick “Nude”

As you can see, the packaging is beautiful to look at.  With lots of reflective gold and faux-glass features, the products have the look and feel of being higher end – but they are much more affordable.  Even with the inflated prices us Australians have to swallow, it is still reasonable when comparable to likes of MAC (especially considering the quality).


Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipstick in “Aphrodite” – $18.60 AUD

Liquid lipsticks have been a formula I have been very slow to come on board with.  While I love anything long-wearing, sometimes the ultra-matte formula can mean that my lips look very dry and cracked not long after application, and can then be more work than they are worth to keep touching up throughout the day.

In light of this, I was immediately intrigued by the claims of this liquid lipstick formula being both matte and hydrating, so I was interested to see how this would compare to other liquid lipsticks I own.

As you can see below, while the lines of my lips are evident the formula still has a fair amount of hydration and my lips did not completely dry out at all.

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipstick in “Aphrodite”

The colour is perfection in my book; a peachy toned nude that went on with beautiful opacity.  This coverage was achieved in two coats.  Wear time is excellent – after breakfast and coffee, this lip was still going strong.  I had to touch up around lunchtime and then I was set for the remainder of the day.  It carried me through the entire day (total wear time of approximately 12 hours with one touch up).  This entire range will be mine shortly; it would be a crime not to own every shade, let’s be honest.

Star Powder in “Marilyn” – $35.50 AUD

Another product I cannot have enough of is highlighters.  I have very oily skin, which doesn’t always bode well with highlighting (I have plenty of natural highlight, unfortunately in all the wrong places!) so I do love to mattify my skin with full-coverage, oil controlling products and then add highlight in the right places.

Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder “Marilyn” #highlightonfleek

I had my heart set on the colour “Audrey”, which is more silver-based but it was sold-out so I went for Marilyn instead.  If I’m honest, you have to work for the glow with this formula.  It seems to be more designed for a subtle glow, but it can be built up to get to the #highlightonfleek effect.  Be careful not to layer too thick, otherwise the dreaded highlighter stripes will be real.

Lipstick in “Nude” – $18.60 AUD

This lipstick is raved out by makeup artist and beauty lovers worldwide, and I can understand why.  The formula is extremely opaque (one to two layers will give full opacity) and it is quite creamy.  In saying that though, I would be reluctant to wear this all day on it’s own as it does dry out.  Pairing it with a gloss or lip balm is perfection though.

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in “Nude”

The colour is very similar to Aphrodite (s-i-m-i-l-a-r, not the same!), however it is a different formula and I feel like it pulls more pink than peach.  An essential for all nude lovers out there!

Lipgloss in “Nude” – $23.50 AUD

And finally, the product that started it all – the “Color Your Smile” lipglosses.  These were the hit lip product the brand launched from and what really got people talking about Whitening Lightening/Gerard Cosmetics.  The formula really is exceptional for a lipgloss.  Not too thick or slippery, and also goes on very opaque.

Gerard Cosmetics Lipgloss in “Nude”

The colour is a perfect match for the Nude lipstick (in the picture above it is worn over the Nude lipstick).  It feels very comfortable on the lips, not sticky or overpowering from a scent (flavour?) perspective.  The only thing that I am not sold on is the light in the applicator.  Great if you are applying lipstick at night, but during the day trying to discreetly apply this at a cafe, you feel like everyone is looking to see where the shining light is coming from.  Not a deal breaker, but a bit gimmicky.

Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed with Gerard Cosmetics and will continue to invest across the brand.


7 thoughts on “Review: Gerard Cosmetics

  1. Very informative! You wear the nude colours so well Lisa. Light in the applicator, I agree that’s gimmicky, not very discreet at all. The Gerard cosmetics are well priced, I’m tempted to try the lip gloss.

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