Over The Taupe

I am often asked how I got into makeup and where I learned to apply it.  Makeup has always been something I was passionate about and have enjoyed experimenting with, even as a little girl.  I remember rummaging through mum’s vanity, picking out her most colourful eyeshadow palettes and taking them into my room to play with.

Ever since then it has been a journey to learning slowly how to apply makeup.  I have had some wonderful teachers along the way (thanks Neeley) and also learnt from makeup artists in stores like Napoleon and MAC.  But it has been the last five years since getting into watching YouTube tutorials that I have really taken my skills to the next level.


I am a firm believer that your skills will continually evolve as trends change, new types of makeup are released and you change your own personal style and preferences.  I have picked up so many skills along the way, and one of the key eyeshadow techniques that I mastered that has really uplifted my skills is the use of warm transition colours blended into the crease of the eye.


By starting with a light transition shade that is one shade darker than your natural skin tone (for me MAC “Soft Brown” is suitable) and blending it into the upper part of the crease/brow bone using a MAC 224, then deepening the crease with a richer warm shade (MAC “Saddle” is perfection) with a MAC 217, you can apply any eyeshadow colour to the lid and the end result will look complete and flattering.


For this look I used a mushroom-taupe shimmer shade from Girlee Cosmetics all over the lid, then applied a mid-tone brown in the crease with warmer colours to blend it out.

MAC Cosmetics and Girlee Cosmetics eyeshadow shades used.

How I created this look…

As I mentioned above, the key to this look (and the majority of my smokey eye looks!) is to start with a light, warm transition shade high up in the crease with the fluffy brush.  I took MAC’s Soft Brown eyeshadow (holy grail for me) and swept it across the crease to start (Sigma E40 brush).

Following this I deepened the crease with MAC’s Saddle (holy grail x 2) to provide additional depth (Sigma E35 brush) – I continually build up the colour and consistency until I am happy with the look.  I then went in with a flat eyeshadow brush and applied Girlee Cosmetics E96, which is a gorgeous mushroom-taupe shade that is quite a cool toned shade but blends well into the warmer colours.

Because the contrast of the cool toned shimmer shadow and the warm toned matte blending shadows was a bit choppy, I took a mid tone brown (Girlee Cosmetics E21 eyeshadow) and placed this between Saddle and E96 to blend the two together more seamlessly.

I felt like the look would be complimented by black cat eyeliner on the top lid, so I used the L’Oreal Paris gel eyeliner to make a thin line across the top.  I used my favourite whispy lashes to finish off the eye.

For the lower lashline, I smudged a black kohl liner into the inner waterline and blended it out with the E96 eyeshadow and a pencil brush.  To further smoke this out, I took Saddle again on an E35 brush and blended it towards the outside of the eye, making sure it connected with the shadow on the crease.


Things I put on my face…






My go to way to finish off a smokey eye is to pair it with a subtle highlight and contouring, a pink undertone blush and nude lips with a lick of gloss.  And highlight.  Always highlight.


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