Purple Rain

While I usually err towards the side of neutral, I do like to dabble with colour in a subtle way when it comes to a smokey eye.


Dark tones such as purple, navy and green will occasionally make an appearance in my makeup wardrobe.  Having brown eyes is a bit of a blank canvas for colour – being a neutral in itself means colour will make brown stand out more.  Well, at least that’s what brown-eyed girls will say because we secretly think it is the most boring eye colour out there!


I created this look using an eyeshadow that is a staple of mine, and in the kit of most make up artists/make up lovers – MAC’s Sketch eyeshadow.  It is a rich deep purple that blends beautifully with browns, like MAC’s Swiss Chocolate to create a soft gradient.

Things I put on my face…






How I created this look…

I started by applying a transition shade using my bronzer high up in the crease to just below the brow bone using a large fluffy blending brush (MAC 224).  This makes the blending process much more smooth and also gives a guideline of where to stop blending.

Next I deepened the crease below the transition shade using MAC’s Swiss Chocolate eyeshadow, which is a beautiful warm brown (MAC 217). Once the crease work was done, I packed on MAC’s Sketch all over the lid with a dense brush (MAC 239) until it was opaque.  I continually went back between blending Swiss Chocolate in the crease and Sketch on the lid until I was happy with the density of the lid colour, and the smoothness of the crease colour.  My motto is always blend, blend, blend, and when you think you are finished, keep blending!

To add depth to the look, I added Urban Decay’s “Crave” to the outer corner with a pencil brush (MAC 219) and blended it out.  This is one of those techniques that takes the look to the next level.  It is not noticeable to the untrained eye, however it really elevates the look.

I placed a lick of liquid eyeliner to the top lid before placing some whispy lashes on (Glam Eyes “Miranda” lashes).  I added some MAC “Nylon” eyeshadow to the top of the brow bone and inner tear duct for some brightening.

For the lower lashline, I lined the waterline with MAC’s Eye Kohl in “Smoulder”, and used a thin brush (MAC 212) with “Crave” to both set the waterline, and blend the black shadow down slightly.  With a pencil brush, I used “Swiss Chocolate” to smoke out the black shade further down and also connect this to the eyeshadow on the eyelid and crease.  With a touch of the NYX bronzer, I further blended this out until it was seamless.


I like to keep the remainder of my face fairly simple with a natural colour blush and a nude lipstick to ensure the eyeshadow is the focal point of the face.



2 thoughts on “Purple Rain

  1. Loving your blog! Seriously your eyes are far from “boring brown” I’d say they were more of a stunning burnt sienna or golden ochre. Xx


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